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NOTE: (Feb 9, 2007) Laidlaw International Inc is to be acquired by FirstGroup. FirstGroup is the parent company of First Student, which operates school buses nationwide (they are buying the competition). Our union has experience dealing with First Student at their San Rafael facility - we are not impressed with how they treat their employees. Here is a link to "First Student Watch" an organization that monitors First Student.


Solidarity Letter for our Struggle with First Student from the Boston School Bus Drivers Union (United Steel Workers)! - pdf file

What is Laidlaw?

Laidlaw International Inc is a gargantuan publicly traded company based in Canada. They have operated tour bus companies (they own Greyhound), ambulance services, para-trasit companies and other types of transportation services. Laidlaw also has operated landfills and hazardous waste incinerators among many other activities. So if you thought they were some small time school bus operation; you were dead wrong. Laidlaw buys and sells companies on a regular basis; one of their specialties is privatization, many times at the expense of the workers. The list of links below represents a small general sampling of some of the information about Laidlaw. Hopefully, it should serve to paint a larger picture of what this company is all about.

NOTE: Much of this material is dated, but it still serves to give an overview of the corporation.

Corporate Information

bullet Laidlaw International to Be Acquired by FirstGroup.
bullet Welcome To Laidlaw.
bullet Securities and Exchange Commision filings.
bullet Subsidiaries -via 10-k filing.
bullet How is Laidlaw stock doing (LI).
bullet Wikipedia entry about Laidlaw.
bullet Company History - may be somewhat dated - bottom of page.
bullet Laidlaw hit with huge tax bill - dated.
bullet Tax charges add to Laidlaw's troubles - dated.
bullet Laidlaw faces tax bill of $500 million - dated.

Transportation Related

bullet Union challenges Laidlaw Transit to submit to binding arbitration - dated.
bullet BOSTON:Teamster Local #25 puts brakes on
bosses' scab plan (Sept, 99) - Laidlaw.
bullet Action Alert--Bethel School Bus Drivers - dated.
bullet Hill blasts school bus company! (Mar, 99) - Laidlaw.
bullet Some Remarks from the National Education Association!
bullet A Cry for !!!HELP!!!
bullet Laidlaw Factsheet Flyer - dated.
bullet Laidlaw sued for $1.4 million in South Carolina -dated.

Ambulance, Para-Transit Related

bullet Privatization in the EMS Industry - dated.

Environmental Related

bullet Laidlaw Environmental Services, Inc - dated.
bullet Safety-Kleen - a Laidlaw outfit - dated.
bullet Logic rarely rules when the subject is landfills - dated.
bullet Laidlaw Waste Systems Fined $15,500 -dated.
bullet Corporate Profile: Laidlaw Environmental Services.
- Toxic Tyrants.

Some Miscellaneous Examples of Laidlaw Operations

bullet Pierce Transit - another Laidlaw operation - etc.
bullet Monona Lift - another Laidlaw operation - etc.
bullet Allied Bus Sales - another Laidlaw operation - etc.
bullet AMERICAN SIGHTSEEING - another Laidlaw operation - etc.
bullet Greyhound - another Laidlaw operation - etc.

Other Laidlaw Related Information

bullet California Lobbyists for Laidlaw.
bullet See What Some of the Newsgroups say About Laidlaw.
bullet Check the Resouce Page for More Information.

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