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FOR RELEASE: August 19, 1997
CONTACT: Theresa Barao (508) 946-2724

Laidlaw Waste Systems Fined $15,500

Laidlaw Waste Systems was ordered to pay a $15,500 administrative penalty by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for insufficient landfill cover and improper monitoring of landfill gas at its Plainville facility.

The company was cited for failing to apply appropriate soil cover on the working area of the landfill. State law requires a daily cover of at least six inches of compacted soil on all exposed waste material. An unannounced inspection of the landfill by DEP found that insufficient cover had been placed on waste material disposed at the site the previous day.

In addition, Laidlaw was also cited for failing to properly monitor and collect data from two hydrogen sulfide meters at the landfill. DEP required the monitors be installed under the terms of a unilateral administrative order (UAO) issued in December, 1996.

"Our previous order issued to Laidlaw clearly outlined the operational procedures we were requiring them to follow," stated Paul Taurasi, DEP Southeast Region Director. "This penalty is the result of Laidlaw's disregard for this order and reflects DEP's determination to ensure that future activities at the landfill comply with state regulations."

Laidlaw could be subject to further financial penalties if the company fails to correct the violations

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