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bullet Union Meetings and Activities!
bullet Rally (Dec. 4, 2008) Against First Student's Recent Unfair and Unjust Firings of Four of our Drivers!
bullet UTU 1741 Supports the Southern California supermarket workers.

Link to AB 3049 - Important (and unfair) 2004 Law Affecting Commercial Driver's Licenses!

bullet Anti-War Resolution!
bullet Article about us in UTU news - February 2005!
bullet A Letter About Union History - Jim Hartford!
bullet Bulletin Articles About Union History From Paul Stein (pdf)!
bullet Article About our Union in WorkingUSA!
bullet Behind the Wheel - an Early Look at the Union's
Campaign for Safety and Community Support!
bullet A Letter About Community Involvement from Ange Beloy!
bullet Catholic Youth Organization - Letter of Appreciation!
bullet Our Union in The Media! - UTU1741
- negotiations 99 related
bullet Rebuild Together San Francisco 2003 - Pictures!
bullet Scrapbook - Pictures, Events and Other Stuff!

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